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Terra Andersen

My beginnings are likely far more humble than most, and that just may be the primary factor that led to my burning desire to succeed. I currently own and operate many of my own internet properties, in addition to managing and growing hundreds of other high-value websites and website portfolios.

I began developing websites way back in 1999. While most of my peers were stressing over homework, first dates, and school dances, I was staying up all night to learn and refine my internet skills. It was only by sheer luck that I was gifted with an old, painfully slow computer that I upgraded the RAM on (a few times) so that it could at least try to keep up with the perpetual workload that I demanded of it. After breezing through a few free online HTML and Java tutorials, I felt like a small child sprinting to the unwrapped gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. I knew the internet and it’s infinite possibility held all that encompassed my calling

My love of creating websites and profitable online business entities quickly evolved into every other aspect of internet business mastery. I became obsessed with learning and mastering the art of converting website traffic into leads and sales. From there, it was a natural progression into mastering the technology that equipped me with the ability to create or grow any online business in any industry. If the technology did not yet exist… I created it!

At this point, I truly do believe that the potential to create or augment any online entity is limitless. Absolutely ANYTHING is possible!

What Others Say…

CEO / President

I researched many SEO firms and decided to go with Red Card as a result of the fantastic reviews. Terra’s service went above and beyond my expectations. My company has had several very high-quality leads due to Terra’s / Red Card’s great work. I highly recommend.

Scott Driggs
President & CEO, Driggs Search International

Terra is an extremely detail-oriented and results driven professional, who through her years of experience in the industry has mastered all aspects of Internet Marketing and Web Design with profound results. I was fortunate enough to have her as my mentor, where she deliberately and tactfully captained the development, marketing campaigns, web design, and public relations of multiple brands. I highly recommend Terra; her ability to manage both employees and marketing campaigns is very efficient and thorough, as such her skills would be an invaluable resource at any company.

Gregory Rice

Terra’s innovative and “out of the box” strategies have made her a well-known authority within the internet marketing and business worlds. Her unique approach has increased revenue for hundreds of companies. Her proven ability to augment a company’s existing strong points is why she is among the best.

Bill Cook

With almost two decades experience in helping start-ups and entrepreneurs grow their business, Terra is definitely one of the top-notched consultants in the digital marketing industry. She is well-rounded, flexible, and dynamic and has a great passion in helping her clients achieve their marketing goals. She and her team make sure that you get more than what you pay for. I highly recommend their services!

Zack Greenfield

Terra is one of the few who can provide quantifiable results within the SEO and online marketing arenas. She has years of experience and proven results within some of the toughest and most competitive niches and industries on the internet. I recommend her and her company for reliable assistance!

Mads Siegenfeldt

Terra is virtually unmatched in legitimate results when it comes to nearly every aspect of digital business. Whether you’re looking to increase your website traffic, generate more inbound leads, improve your online business workflows, or revamp your company website, Terra is one of the few who truly can deliver. As an agency owner myself, I absolutely know and recommend Terra for her ability to bring businesses to the next level.

M. Alan

Terra and her team create big-time results that continually impress her clients and fellow digital marketers. She is happy to mentor others who are starting out in the field, and is always willing to answer questions to help others succeed. Her unique processes and high-level skills are a priceless asset to any company that has the chance to work with her.

David Melo

With nearly two decades of diverse experience within the internet space, Terra is that one KEY player you must have on your team to win the championship of SEO results. Her SEO & online marketing expertise goes far beyond just improving a website’s rankings. Terra actually laces together every aspect of a company’s online presence and weaves it into a digital orchestra of sound that permeates the web & attracts the right traffic to generate the stickiest of sales. If you need a real PRO that not only cares passionately about your results, but can also crush your competition, Terra is your MVP.

Robert McCann

Terra is incredibly humble, given that she has effectively helped multi-million dollar businesses with their internet business implementation and digital marketing strategies. She also extends the same amount of care when helping others within the internet marketing industry. Her impressive skills and creative thinking keep her ahead of the game. If you can work with Terra in any capacity, I highly recommend it!

Coel Wilson

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