From incredibly humble beginnings and beyond.

Terra Andersen

My beginnings are likely far more humble than most, and that just may be the primary factor that led to my burning desire to succeed. I currently own and operate many of my own internet properties, in addition to managing and growing hundreds of other high-value websites and website portfolios.

I began developing websites way back in 1999. While most of my peers were stressing over homework, first dates, and school dances, I was staying up all night to learn and refine my internet skills. It was only by sheer luck that I was gifted with an old, painfully slow computer that I upgraded the RAM on (a few times) so that it could at least try to keep up with the perpetual workload that I demanded of it. After breezing through a few free online HTML and Java tutorials, I felt like a small child sprinting to the unwrapped gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. I knew the internet and it’s infinite possibility held all that encompassed my calling

My love of creating websites and profitable online business entities quickly evolved into every other aspect of internet business mastery. I became obsessed with learning and mastering the art of converting website traffic into leads and sales. From there, it was a natural progression into mastering the technology that equipped me with the ability to create or grow any online business in any industry. If the technology did not yet exist… I created it!

At this point, I truly do believe that the potential to create or augment any online entity is limitless. Absolutely ANYTHING is possible!



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