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Welcome Back!

The Beginning is the End… is the Beginning

I’m back! After a blogging hiatus, I have decided to re-open my Digital Business blog due to the abundance of case studies, A/B tests, and “what works” information that I have been collecting and hoarding. If you are one of my longtime followers, then you may also remember me as the founder and author of ‘Better For Business’; a website and blog that I ended up selling (for an insane profit) many years ago.

I often receive emails from my old blog followers, past clients, colleagues and friends asking me if I still provide consulting services. They also ask me to share some internet marketing and technology strategies with them. When it comes to consulting, I find that I am completely booked most of the time. A better use of my limited time is providing this often requested information in an accessible environment where others can learn and share if they find it helpful.

Real Strategies that Are Currently Working For Me

I will offer valuable insight into specific strategies, and will even break them down for specific industries and niches. Ultimately, the proper technology marries all of these strategies into actionable processes so that you can determine an actual plan of action from information that I provide here. I will take real data from real websites, and I will show you what is working, and what is not.

No fluff. Just cold, hard numbers, graphs, and facts.

I am glad to be back and am excited to share some of the amazing tactics that I have utilized and refined over the years.

Two points to the person who points out a song title that is not-so-hidden within this blog post.


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